Milestones 2021

2021 was in many aspects an out-of-the-ordinary year in which distancing, teleworking and mouth masks became the new normal. In 2021, Argenta again went full out to innovate its services.

Join us to discover some important milestones.


25 January 2021


19 July 2021


Argenta continued working on a new insurance platform for Non-Life insurance, under the name of Assurando. After fire insurance in 2020, car insurance went live in January 2021. In July 2021, the entire portfolio of 470,000 Non-Life contracts was successfully migrated. In the course of October, all accesses to the old system were completely closed and old servers/applications taken out of service.


1 February 2021

Launch of choice of packages

Since February 2021, Argenta offers its customers a choice of four payment services packages. Argenta remains the only bank with an extensive branch network that continues to offer a free package with mobile and internet banking, a debit card and a standard credit card. As well as paying a lot of attention to competitively pricing, Argenta keeps the composition of the packages very simple and transparent. In each case, the price is unambiguous, with no hidden costs. All packages continue to include a wide range of free services.


2 February


29 September 2021

Covered bond issue programme

On 2 February 2021, Argenta launched a first issue of 500 million euros of covered bonds (pandbrieven). Repayment of these bonds is guaranteed not only by Argenta, but also by an underlying portfolio of Belgian home loans that Argenta has provided to borrowers. As an additional source of financing at attractive conditions for Argenta, it supports Argenta's strategy. A second issue of a 500 million euros of Belgian covered bonds followed on 29 September. In contrast to the first issue in early 2021, the term is 20 years instead of 10. The covered bonds carry a Standard & Poor's AAA rating.


18 April 2021

Hip hip hurrah, Argenta 65 years old

On 18 April 2021, Argenta celebrated its 65th birthday. For 65 years now, we have been writing our own special story. Always simple. Always close to our customers. For the next 65 years we shall continue to work together with all our branches, all our employees and all our customers on our own special story.


25 April 2021


Now that we’re 65, we're not going to lean back and take it easy.


23 June 2021

Green apple securitization transaction

To continue to finance its mortgage activities, Argenta today raised 650 million euros with a new securitization transaction, Green Apple 2021-I. This is the fourth securitization, following earlier issuances in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The collateral consists of high-quality non-NHG home loans provided by Argenta to Dutch customers. Recognising the high quality and the structure of the transaction, Moody's and DBRS gave their highest possible Aaa/AAA rating to the A-tranche.


30 July 2021

Argenta maintains strong capital position, ECB stress tests show

ECB Banking Supervision regularly conducts stress tests to assess how well banks can withstand financial and economic shocks.


9 August 2021

Small refunds on purchases from Cake partners

All Argenta customers aged 16 and over can receive small refunds on purchases made with their Argenta current account(s) from Cake's commercial partners. This collaboration with Cake is a first step in the context of Open Banking at Argenta.


13 september 2021

Optimization orf investment offering

Argenta renews its investment offering. At Argenta you invest simply, transparently and in confidence. From 13 September 2021, the funds offering became even simpler; with lower ongoing costs for the profile funds.


1 October 2021

Argenta receives the 'Best in the Customer satisfaction test' label from Test Aankoop

Every year, consumer magazine Test Aankoop organizes a satisfaction survey on banks. This year, 6,900 people took part. Argenta comes out as 'Best in the test'.

11 December 2021

Spaargids Bank Award 'Best Branch Network 2021'

Argenta wins the Bank Award 'Best Branch Network 2021'. With this award, presented on the basis of a large-scale consumer survey by savings magazine Spaargids, consumers express their appreciation for Argenta's branch network. This award is the result of the efforts of the whole of Argenta, but above all of our branches and their employees, who give the best of themselves every day to help, inform and provide tailor-made advice to our customers.


20 December 2021

Warm Argenta

Even in a year full of teleworking, Argenta employees remain connected, partly through the various Warm Argenta initiatives: a bicycle tour, digital escape rooms, a waffle bake, a pancake competition, gift bags, Strava (running and cycling) challenges, and sale of Santa Claus candy.

Argenta and Investar also matched every donation made by Argenta employees and branch managers to the Red Cross campaign "Helping helps" for the victims of the summer’s flooding. This enabled Argenta to transfer a total of 37,740 euros to the Red Cross.