Organisation & Talent

In an unpredictable world, Argenta is doing what is exceptional in the financial sector: taking care of its customers and employees in a thoroughly responsible manner. That is Argenta’s raison d’être. From this purpose we work with the Organisation & Talent department on employee commitment and growth.

  • We invest in committed employees who are ambassadors for Argenta. Commitment is by definition mutual. Commitment supports, strengthens, involves and inspires employees, enabling Argenta to achieve results and added value for customers, branch managers and partners. Commitment also expresses itself in ambassadorship: we actively promote Argenta and are proud of what we achieve for our customers.
  • We grow together with our talents. Argenta can only grow by letting its people - its talents - grow. And talents can grow only if the organisation grows.

Argenta's HR policy is based on five foundations for achieving these ambitions: motivation, well-being, learning, career, and the connection between organisation and talent.

Numerous initiatives in 2021 ensured a concrete, feasible and individual interpretation of those foundations.

‘Candidates are assessed at Argenta on the basis of their “match” with the Argenta culture, (relevant) experience, skills, and above all the desire or appetite to play a significant role at Argenta.’

Hanne Coolkens (Recruitment & Employer Branding expert)


‘In 2021 we invested heavily in digitisation with the launch of a fully-fledged digital gateway for all employees and a new learning platform’

Hilde Willekens (HR manager)

Learning and development

The training offer was updated and expanded, also via digital training platforms (such as GoodHabitz and LinkedIn Learning). We launched the Argenta Passport and the Digiploma and emphasised the importance of informal learning.

‘Everything we do in the context of Learning & Development must serve to promote and help utilise our employees’ natural potential for development and growth.’

Ellen Schruns (senior expert Learning & Development)


Argenta took various initiatives in the context of well-being and vitality.

‘Our new absenteeism policy is no longer an 'HR topic'. With this sustainable and positive policy we involve managers, employees, social partners and experts with the aim of getting and keeping physically healthy and mentally fit employees (back) at work.’

Jan Pelemans (prevention advisor)

Cafeteria plan

In the Argenta cafeteria plan, employees can personalise part of their salary package. In 2021 this was made even more flexible with a continuously open shop.

‘Using our cafeteria plan, employees can compose part of their salary package themselves. In this way, the cafeteria plan supports our ambition to guarantee competitive employment conditions in a flexible way.’

Hilde Willekens (HR manager)

Flexible, safe working environment

In 2021 the new Argenta's headquarters building came fully into operation. The new way of working was paramount in the design.

‘Argenta wants to offer a safe working environment with a view to health and vitality, in which employees feel good and can learn, develop and collaborate flexibly, supported by new technologies.’

Laurent Ballaux (lead business consultant)


Our employees have confidence in Argenta and identify with what Argenta stands for. Their commitment makes our organisation strong. The MOO survey at the beginning of 2022 resulted in an engagement score of no less than 93% and an eNPS of +34.

‘Since 2015, we have been consciously working on expanding our HR vision: sustainable development of engagement and growth. Every year we measure our progress via a broad survey of all our employees.’

Veronique Michiels (Director Organisation & Talent)