Argenta is very aware of its impact on society and therefore bears full responsibility for the sustainable management of its customers’ cash flows.

Sustainability scores

Argenta communicates transparently about sustainability and the scores it receives from external rating agencies. For example, Argenta received an ESG risk rating of 8.5 from Sustainalytics this year. This makes Argenta one of the absolute top sustainable companies.


Sustainanalytics ESG-risk rating Top 1st percentile


ESG rating 8th percentile


Bankwijzer 3rd place

Investment policy - proprietary portfolio

The investment policy of Argenta’s proprietary investment portfolio is based on 2 pillars: on the one hand, a conservative and prudent financial investment framework with a focus on a healthy risk/return assessment. On the other hand, the group’s role as a socially responsible investor with specific attention to sustainability. The basic principles of sustainable investment at the Argenta Group are contained in the sustainable investment policy and therefore apply also to our proprietary investment portfolio. We do not invest in companies that base their revenue or business models on unsustainable activities, nor in companies that are criticised for serious violations of ethical standards. That is why the proprietary investment portfolio works with the same strict exclusion principles as the investment funds.

In addition, focus is placed on investments in sustainable, local and tangible projects. In this way in 2021, Argenta invested a portion of the funds of private individuals raised through savings and payment accounts in loans to and bonds issued by government institutions. This includes financing local projects through direct investments in cities and municipalities, government companies and infrastructure.

In 2021, Argenta’s investments included:

Police zones

that guarantee safety in the city of Ninove, city of Mechelen, and municipality of Kapellen

Sportoase Groot Schijn

a sustainable, modern sports complex located in one of Antwerp’s green lungs

Zorgbedrijf Mintus

Providing home help and residential care in the Bruges region

Leiedal inter-municipal utility company (Intercommunale)

committed to sustainable regional development in south-west Flanders

Flemish Community Commission

responsible for the Flemish Community’s culture and education policy in the Brussels-Capital Region

These investments are part of the EUR 983 million that Argenta invests in the local economy, including social housing, care for the elderly, student housing, facilities for people with disabilities, and an inter-municipal company that produces 100% green energy. Argenta will continue this trend in the future.

Furthermore, in 2021 Moody's ESG (formerly Vigeo Eiris) was appointed as ESG data provider. This collaboration gives Argenta access to the ESG data needed in order to invest even more specifically in sustainable companies, as well as better manage climate and sustainability risks. For the equity portfolio, Argenta will be exerting greater influence on the sustainable transitions of the companies in which it invests.

Finally, the company's own investment portfolio also responded to the exponentially growing market in ESG bonds (green bonds, green finance frameworks, etc.). EUR 400 million of these debt instruments have already been included in the investment portfolio, with their importance set to grow further in the future.

As a financial institution, we can make a difference through the cash flows that we manage for our customers. Through its proprietary investment portfolio, Argenta has an additional EUR 4 billion invested in tangible, local projects, of which EUR 1.4 billion in projects of social importance. This is a conscious choice that Argenta will continue in 2022. Every euro is valuable at Argenta.

Supplier policy

Argenta has for many years pursued a policy of building long-term relationships with strategic suppliers. Particular attention is paid here to quality and safety. Suppliers are questioned about their policy on GDPR, data security, auditing, etc. The company-wide approach, with different department checking whether suppliers and partners comply with Argenta standards, is another strength of the procurement policy. In the future, Argenta wants to focus even more on a sustainable supplier policy, both by integrating sustainability criteria in the purchasing process and by focusing on an even more uniform management of supplier contracts.

Today every supplier is already being asked to sign the sustainability charter. In it the supplier is asked to respect at a minimum the principles relating to human rights, child labour, discrimination, corruption, environmental awareness and environmentally friendly technologies and to comply with the principles of the UN Global Compact. In the future, the focus will be on the ecological impact that Argenta generates through its suppliers, with conscious choices made for environmentally friendly solutions, for example in green ICT and the circular economy. Simplicity and cost awareness remain important starting points.

With every new contract negotiation, the potential contractor is asked to sign the sustainability charter. Existing suppliers who had not yet signed a 2020 sustainability charter were contacted separately in 2021. In this way, Procurement received signed sustainability charters from no less than 153 additional suppliers in 2021. 85% of strategic suppliers - together representing more than half of Argenta's supplier budget - have signed the sustainability charter.



For Argenta it is of considerable importance to work with partners that are focused on sustainability and social responsibility. Argenta therefore cooperates with:

Social impact on the economy

Any institution managing the money of 1.4 million customers in a caring way is doing the economy a great service. Many projects are realised with your savings.

Argenta bases its sustainability story on various international principles.

Argenta’s effective tax rate is 26% excluding bank levies, and 53% including bank levies (IFRS accounting). Bank levies rose by 17% compared to 2020, owing to higher funds raised. Argenta insists on paying taxes and other contributions and levies to the government in a correct and timely manner.