Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determines on the one hand (i) the strategy and objectives of the company concerned, (ii) the risk policy, including the general risk tolerance limits and (iii) the organisation for the provision or performance of investment services and activities and ancillary services and (iv) the integrity policy. At the same time the Board of Directors supervises the activities and regularly assesses the effectiveness of the governance system. The Board of Directors strives to manage the company in accordance with the principles of corporate governance, with the aim of properly managing and monitoring the company on the basis of a set of rules and behaviours.

Corporate governance includes setting the company's objectives, establishing effective governance and internal control, recognising and taking due account of the interests of all members of the company, and conducting the business in accordance with the principles of sound and prudent management, in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions. The Board of Directors operates as a collegial body.

Advisory bodies of the Board of Directors

  • Audit Committees and Risk Committees
  • Remuneration Committee and Appointments Committee
  • Group Supervisory Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of Argenta Bank- en Verzekerings­groep stipulates the limits within which the various group companies can perform their activities and exercise their responsibilities.


Sustainability was embedded even more strongly within the organisation. In 2021 the Executive Committee appointed the CEO as Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). His mission is to give sustainability a prominent place at all levels of Argenta. The CSO is assisted by the sustainability manager, the Group Sustainability Committee and the Investment Exclusion Committee, which contribute to the effective implementation of the policy.

  • The Group Sustainability Committee
  • The Investment Exclusion Committee


Seven of the fifteen Argenta board members are female (47%). In this way Argenta has met its target of having at least 33 % board members.

Three of the six members of the Aras Executive Committee of BVg, Aspa and/or Aras are female (50%). In this way Argenta has met its target of having at least 33% senior executives.


female board members

(total 15 board members)



female directors

(total 6 directors)