Argenta has a clear vision and strategy for investing, in line with the Argenta values.

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Product offering

The primary focus of "Investing with Argenta" is on a simple but complete offering whereby customers invest in one of the five core funds in line with their profiles and needs.

These core funds translate the clear long-term vision of Argenta Asset Management and focus on long-term themes within a sustainable framework. Customers can also add accents according to their preferences within different themes, sectors, regions or asset categories.

In September 2021, the investment offering was optimised based on the four pillars of the value proposition (straightforward, price-conscious, trusted partner and sustainable). This optimisation had two main components.

The first was the creation of a fifth core fund for the most dynamic investors. In this way they too can invest optimally in line with their risk appetite.

In addition, four out of the six focus groups (geographical, third-party management, sectoral and fixed income) disappeared, leaving only thematic and sustainable. With the disappearance of these four accent groups, the external partners within our range also disappeared. Robeco, Carmignac and Degroof-Petercam funds are no longer offered. In this way, the focus can be increasingly on in-house management (AAM and Arvestar). In order to realise all this, similar house funds were merged, with Argenta now offering thirteen accent funds.

Finally, the customer can always choose 100% sustainable accent funds carrying the Towards Sustainability label.

Since the end of 2019, it has been possible for Argenta customers to regularly invest smaller amounts (EUR 25 to 1,250) automatically via the 'Argenta Invest Plan'. Customers are eagerly taking advantage of this. In 2021, 27,000 new investment plans were started, giving more than 46,000 savings plans as of 31 December 2021.

In 2021 again, customers increasingly opted for sustainable investments. Fourteen of the Argenta investment solutions had their Febelfin ‘Towards Sustainability’ labels renewed in 2021. ‘Ⓐ’

Argenta's policy choices, fully aimed at sustainability and long-term relationships, are clearly bearing fruit. Just like last year, the label was renewed in 2021 for the Argenta funds 'Argenta Fund Responsible Growth (Defensive)', 'Argenta Fund Responsible Utilities' and 'Argenta Fund Responsible Materials'. Label renewals were also obtained for the branch 23 counterparts.

For almost all investment funds at Argenta, there is also a branch 23 counterpart under Argenta Life Plan for customers with insurance needs.

Improving customer experience

With the optimisation of the investment offering, focused on in-house management and on long-term themes and sustainability, the ongoing costs of the core funds have lowered.

The was also even more focus on communication to the customer. Customers receive regular investment strategy updates and the information sheets have been further optimised. The client receives an annual suitability report, with an overview of his investment products and whether they are still appropriate for him.

Pension saving is a tax-efficient form of saving. Since November 2020, it has been possible to open pension savings accounts easily via the Argenta app.

Since June 2021 it is also possible to open a pension savings plan in the Argenta app. Via the pension savings plan in the Argenta app, a customer can easily and automatically save for pensions on a regular basis. Since 2021, customers can also use the app to consult the return on their pension savings funds.

Evolution of the portfolio

The total portfolio of investment products grew from EUR 10.9 billion in 2020 to 14.1 billion in 2021. This increase is the result of increased net production and a positive impact of share prices. In today's low interest rate environment, the investment funds remain an important alternative to savings accounts. During 2021, the funds managed by Argenta Asset Management and Arvestar Asset Management rose from EUR 9.5 to 13.7 billion.

Argenta's numerous investments and efforts in the investing domain, including optimising the investment offering, are considerably raising Argenta customers’ confidence here. The low-interest environment in which we still find ourselves means that Argenta customers want to maintain their purchasing power and are therefore increasingly opting for investment funds. This is also reflected in the purchases made by our customers, with a significant increase in the share of Argenta funds in customer portfolios. In 2021, the shift continued from investments in partner funds to the Argenta Portfolio funds. Within the Argenta Portfolios range, Argenta’s Portfolio neutral, dynamic and defensive funds are very popular.

The Argenta pension savings funds and the investment funds based on them are also doing very well, with a portfolio now standing at EUR 4.3 billion.