Argenta applies consistently transparent pricing in its product range and is generally recognised for its wide range of free services.

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Product offering


Argenta applies consistently transparent pricing in its product range and is generally recognised for its wide range of free services. To continue to do so in the future and to be able to offer additional services to customers with additional needs, Argenta launched four packages in 2021.

In addition to paying a lot of attention to competitively pricing the paying packages, Argenta keeps the composition of the packages very simple and transparent. The package price is unambiguous, with no hidden costs. In addition to the extensive free offer (Green package), customers can also choose from a paying offer (Silver or Gold package) and a specific savings account for (among others) legal entities (Pro Plus account). To keep things as simple as possible for the customer, Argenta proposed to each customer a package that matches his or her current user profile. On this basis, Argenta recommended the extensive free Green package to 81% of its customers. In other words, Argenta did not automatically guide its customers to the paying packages. Argenta remains the only bank with an extensive branch network that offers a free package with mobile and internet banking, a debit card and a standard credit card.

Argenta retains extensive free services across all packages. In this way, all customers, regardless of the chosen package, can withdraw money from other banks for free and make free instant transfers using the Argenta app. For paper account statements, the customer pays no more than postage costs. Refused direct debits that are presented a second time are also free at Argenta. The Argenta app and internet banking remain free of charge for all customers. The paying packages are interesting primarily for customers who need specific services or products, such as a Golden credit card with more extensive credit limits and extra insurance. Thanks to the paying packages, Argenta will in the longer term be able to offer extra services on top of the current offering. With this, Argenta strengthens and expands its sustainable product range.

Moreover, with its Silver package, Argenta more than meets the requirements of the universal banking service agreed between the federal government and Febelfin in July 2021: Argenta's Silver package remains far below the cost price imposed by the agreement and includes a wider range of services.

In addition to the universal banking service, Argenta also offers the basic banking services package.

Argenta invested in the rationalisation of its product range in 2021: since December 2021 (Step-up) term deposits and savings accounts with third-party clauses have been removed from the product offering. The offering of (step-up) term deposits has been suspended as this is a loss-making product for Argenta in the current low interest rate environment. Moreover, it is rarely an interesting option for the customer, since the interest rate has already been at 0.0% for all maturities since March 2021.

For security reasons and pending an alternative authorisation method, payment transactions for larger amounts must be confirmed with the digipass. Argenta has chosen to replace the existing digipasses with CO2-neutral ones. These sustainable digipasses work with rechargeable batteries and are made from recycled material.


Argenta Netherlands is a fully digital bank when it comes to savings. Customers can open their savings accounts only online. They can make general changes themselves and manage their savings online in the secure banking environment.

Improving customer experience

Contactless and digital processes

With the Covid crisis, various processes have been made contact-free and digital, to allow services to customers to continue safely. In Banking, modified services and products were also offered in 2021. These include:

  • Becoming an Argenta online customer via the app; now also for customers who do not have Itsme®;
  • Replacing a defective card via the Argenta app;
  • Managing the daily transfer limits;
  • Confirming and changing personal data (address, etc.) via the Argenta app (in the context of the anti-money laundering legislation);
  • Linking the Argenta current account to the Payconiq by Bancontact app. Customers can now easily make payments to their friends remotely using the Payconiq by Bancontact app and use extra services like purchasing tickets from De Lijn.

Combating phishing

Argenta actively combats phishing and other fraud. In 2021, Argenta lowered the daily limit for transfers to 10,000 euros. Since 2021 customers have also been able to manage their limits via the Argenta app or Argenta Internet Banking. Customers may, if they wish, lower their daily transfer limit to 2,500 euros, as extra protection against phishing.

Phishing and other fraud are nevertheless a major challenge because inventive fraudsters are always devising new techniques. For this reason, Argenta frequently warns its customers about the dangers and methods of fraud and informs them of ways to protect themselves against such practices. Argenta provides this information via internet banking, the app, social media and newsletters. Argenta has also created an e-learning guide that helps customers recognise phishing faster in 6 steps.

If a customer nevertheless falls victim to fraud, Argenta will do everything possible to recover the funds in question. To assist customers even better, Argenta created in 2021 a separate number for phishing victims (03 285 53 33) that can be reached 24/7. In this way, customers can easily report phishing or digital fraud and Argenta can immediately take the necessary actions.

Automatic refunds via ‘Mooi Meegenomen’ by Cake

From August 2021, Argenta will offer its customers small automatic refunds to their accounts on purchases from Cake's commercial partners. Argenta customers do not need to download a separate app, as the cashback functionality is integrated into the familiar Argenta app environment.

Cake nv is a Belgian recognised payment institution that is supervised by the National Bank of Belgium. Cake analyses account data and uses it to offer targeted refunds in collaboration with affiliated merchants.

The collaboration with Cake is an important first step in Argenta's open banking strategy. It fits our value proposition and digital strategy. Argenta keeps it simple, price-conscious and creates value for our customers.

Evolution of the portfolio


Current account deposits increased from EUR 6.2 billion to EUR 6.9 billion In Belgium individuals and families see current accounts as a safe (waiting) place pending interesting longer-term investment opportunities. Given the minimal interest rate difference, money often remains in a current account and the customer no longer transfers it to a savings account. In 2021, customers again put a lot of money aside, on both current and savings accounts. Consumption fell due to the Covid measures.

Deposits on regulated savings accounts increased from EUR 26.9 billion at the end of December 2020 to EUR 28.4 billion the end of December 2021. Savings on non-regulated savings accounts fell by EUR 61.3 million, partly due to the introduction of a negative interest rate on high capital amounts on non-regulated savings accounts for legal entities and groups.

Since 1 October 2021, Argenta has charged negative interest on capital above EUR 500,000 on professional accounts (the Pro package and the Pro plus account). To prevent customers from circumventing this ceiling, only one more Pro-plus account per customer may be opened from that date. This adjustment is a result of the continued low interest rate environment in the market. In accordance with market practice, Argenta has opted to partially pass on the negative interest to a very limited group with large amounts of money. In this way, Argenta ensures that more than 99.8% of our customers experience no impact.

The balance on the savings accounts remains at a historical high despite the low interest rate of 0.11 % on the regulated savings accounts. The savings account remains popular due to its traditional advantages: immediate availability, security and tax exemption up to a legally determined ceiling (compared to 30 % withholding tax on income from other transferable investment products). Alongside this, the popularity of investment products is increasing among Argenta customers.


At the end of 2021, the total savings portfolio at Argenta Spaarbank Netherlands stood at EUR 2.29 billion. This is approximately EUR 53 million higher than at the end of December 2020. This is due to an increase of more than EUR 205 million in internet savings accounts. With the reduced interest rate on time deposits, the balance on time deposits decreased by EUR 150 million. Given the particularly low interest on savings, many customers are unwilling to commit their savings for the longer term.