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Contact data

The annual report of Argenta Bank- en Verzekeringsgroep nv is published in Dutch, French and English. Questions related to these reports can be directed to or by telephone at +32 3 287 48 25.


If you have a complaint or comment concerning the Argenta Group’s services, we advise that you first get in touch with the branch where you are a customer. Our branch managers are always ready and willing to do all they can to help.

In the second instance, you can contact the Complaints Management Service of the Argenta Group:

Complaints Management

Belgiëlei 49-53 B-2018 Antwerpen Tel: +32 3 285 56 45 Fax: +32 3 285 55 28

Overview of the Argenta companies

The information on the overview of the Argenta companies can be found here:

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